Creating Your Coaching Focus

Building a viable coaching practice requires focus on your part and visible branding of that focus for prospective clients.  This week the blog posts focus on providing a step-by-step process for you to create your focus and begin branding your coaching services.

When starting a coaching business, the essentials for your branding include the name, niche, mission directed toward your ideal client.  Many start with choosing a name first.  If you are unsure, take a different approach and start by describing your ideal client so that your name, niche, and mission are chosen or written with them in mind.

To define your ideal client, think about the reasons you decided to become a coach.  Take a blank piece of paper, and write answers to these questions: What triggered the idea?  What motivated you to want to coach?  Who did you think about coaching?  Who do you want to coach now?  Who do you want to coach in the future?  Who else?

Next review what you wrote and start listing commonalities such as profession, age, gender, culture, their interests, socio economic status, and reasons they want a coach.

Once you have described your ideal coaching client, write your mission to give meaning to them and yourself, create a name that works for them, and define your niche based providing value for your ideal client.

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