Write a Mission Statement for Your Coaching Business

A mission statement describes the purpose of and reason for your work.  As a coach, your mission statement tells prospective clients your focus and function.

Ideally, a mission statement is 12 words or less because then it has more meaning, it is memorable, and it is easy to use on business cards, your website, and in printed materials.

To write a mission statement for your coaching business, have blank paper and a number of different colored markers or crayons.

The first step is to make a list of words that have meaning or significance as to your work, your focus, your purpose, and your ideal client.  Write from a few dozen words up to sixty words.

The second step is to sort the words into categories.  Take the first word on your list and circle it with a color.  Then going through your list, circle all the words that fit in the same category with the same color.  Then take a different color and circle the next word on your list that is not circled.  Go through the list again circling all of the words that fit with the same color.  Continue this process until all of your words are grouped by color into a category.

The third step is to write a phrase for each group or category of words.  To do this, read all of the words circled with the same color and write a short phrase that conveys what these words mean.  Only some of the words will fit in the phrase.  Continue this until you have a phrase for each category of words.

The fourth step is to combine the phrases.  For this, choose two or three groups that are closely connected and combine the phrases in to one phrase.  If this is challenging, start by underlining two key words in each phrase and then create one phrase that conveys the meaning.  Continue this process until you have two or three phrases.

Finally, combine the last few phrases into one sentence with twelve words or less – your mission statement.

It is helpful to test your coaching business mission statement on a few people and get feedback.

Share your mission statement in a comment here now – and if you want ask for feedback.

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