Creating Focus, Motivation, and Successful Habits

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For many of us, it is easy to have a goal and then get so busy in our lives we forget about it.  In many organizations, a great plan is developed and then it sits on the shelf because the day-to-day functioning consumes all the time and focus of the employees.  Certified Professional Coaches are aware that this is a barrier for clients.  When clients are asked what could hold them back, they will often say “me” or “procrastination” or “laziness” as the barriers to success.

During the coaching process, focusing on how to move past these barriers makes a difference.   It takes time to change thinking and habits.  What does work?  There are many different examples of tools and processes for focusing thinking and changing habits.  There is extensive research available on how to change habits or develop new habits.  There is research around thinking and choosing thinking too.  Certified Professional Coaches work with the model of: 21 days to change a thought, 30 days to change a habit, and 6 to 12 months to set that habit in place.

In order to change thinking and habits, two things must be happening: information in and application out.  Information in is the ongoing reminders of the desired thinking.  Application out is the doing.  In the coaching process at the Center for Coaching Certification, the second session focuses on the information in, and then by the third session it is about the application out.  For the information in, there are options: reading, listening, posting visual reminders, and accountability partners.  The Certified Professional Coach provides tools for the client to ensure they have the information coming in.

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