Coaching Skills for Mental Health Professionals

After working as a Therapist for years, Ann Marie decided she wanted something different.  She realized that working with clients to resolve their issues was a valuable service and at the same time she was dragging.  Several of her colleagues mentioned coaching.

Ann Marie started doing some researching.  She was a bit skeptical because there is no regulation of coaches.  She learned about the International Coaching Federation and their work on Ethics and Core Competencies for coaches.  Encouraged, Ann Marie continued exploring the differences between coaching and therapy.

The idea of working with clients through coaching to explore what they wanted and how to achieve goals appealed to Ann Marie.  She was drawn to the idea of focusing forward and the sense of how positive coaching is as a process.

Ann Marie chose to become a coach and she felt strongly that training was important.  During her certification class, Ann Marie found some commonalities with some therapy models, and she found some key differences.  Ann Marie felt that the move to coaching was a natural extension of her work in therapy and that it provided a valuable service.

Now Ann Marie has an active coaching practice and is again excited about her work.

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