Coaching Resistant Clients

coaching resistant clientsWhat if a coach is asked by a company to coach an employee, and that employee resents being given a coach?  While coaching is more often seen as a bonus, some employees resist coaching when told they are being given a coach.  How do you handle this as a coach?

Ideally, before the employee is told they will have a coach, there is an opportunity to discuss how the news about a coach is given to the employee.  A positive approach is letting the employee know that the company values them and their work so is choosing to invest in them to increase opportunities and results with a coach.

If an employee is informed they are required to participate in coaching, or that it is a way to save their job, or is advised that it is for remedial purposes, chances are they will be resistant to coaching.  In this situation, the coach has the task of moving past the resistance to develop a productive relationship.  What coaching questions are helpful in this situation?  Here are a few examples:

  • Given that your company has invested in a coach for you, what do you think are the reasons?  Then ask: What are the positive outcomes your company wants?
  • What are the pros and cons of having a coach?
  • How do you want your confidentiality protected?
  • What do you want out of coaching?
  • How do you want to work together so that the coaching is beneficial to you?

The goal is to give the resistant client the opportunity to become aware of the benefits of coaching and their opportunity to maximize the possibilities from coaching services.

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