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Career Coaching versus Training, Consulting, or Counseling

Career Coach versus etc

Career Coach versus etcFor individuals launching a career, advancing their career, changing careers, or in transition, seeking professional services advances their objectives.  The challenge is recognizing what types of service are available and what service makes sense based on their individual circumstances.

Explore now because career coaching often includes a combination of services including training, consulting, counseling, and coaching.  Here are some examples of what occurs with each type of service:

  • Training – providing information on how to write a resume, how to interview, and how to negotiate.
  • Consulting – reviewing the resume and giving advice on changes, advising on use of resources for job searches, and defining action steps.
  • Counseling – assessing personality, skills, and aptitude then prescribing what career fields to consider.
  • Coaching – exploring through inventories, expanding the possibilities, empowering choice, and partnering for strategic plan development and follow through.

Career Coaching often involves a combination of services.  It is important to ask about expertise for each of the different roles – for example, has the coach earned their coaching certification?  What is their experience for training, consulting, or counseling?

When you hire a professional, ask about a plan for customizing coaching, consulting, training, and counseling services in a way that serves your objectives best.

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