Technology in Coaching is a Blessing

Paul Kawkabany

By: Paul Kawkabany – Kawkabany

As a coach, do you lack direct communication with your customers without having to sit behind the screen or listen on the phone?

What do you miss the most in your face-to-face meetings?

How has technology helped you recently in building a healthy coaching relationship?

A lot of questions that come to my mind, especially after the crisis that the world is going through.  I will share the experience that happened with me during Group Coaching in our first group.  The experience printed a lot on me and prompted me to ask many questions and search for answers.

First of all, in the Certified Master Coach training, each week we attend a group training session led by one or two classmates. The coaches have the option of choosing a specific topic themselves or via survey or can invite the group to choose the focus when the session starts. We were excited to start with the first session.

An important note: I am a Lebanese residing in Lebanon, and whoever knows the stress of the Arab world with technology and the Internet realizes that we suffer from many problems regarding permanent power cuts, internet malfunctions, and slow service. So my colleague and I decided for him to run the technology in case of any malfunctions.

What happened exceeded my expectations personally.  The session started with complete enthusiasm at seven in the evening Lebanon time and apparently the technology that we used needed a certain internet speed that was not available in my area, so technical malfunctions began from the program stopping, the stagnation of the mouse, my inability to open software or to shut down, and the slowing of my computer.  I started to feel frustration, anger, and disappointment.  I know very well that these three emotions are toxic and drain my effort, energy, and time.

For 90 minutes I heard the participants speak and participate, I was taking notes and I was preparing a group of questions to ask during the session. I felt that I disappointed my colleague because I was unable to engage.  I left him alone in the first group coaching session.  I was very anxious and tense until the meeting ended. I reviewed everything that happened and concluded the following:

  • My colleague put in a tremendous amount of effort – thank you Garrett for being wonderful, quick-witted, and an excellent coach.
  • Malfunctions happen, so it is important to check the technology and application you are using; there are some applications that simply do not work in parts of the world.
  • If you in the Middle East, inform the others about your internet situation (use Zoom if possible as it is the best so far in the region).
  • Prepare for everything.
  • Trust your partner.
  • If you are doing a session in the Middle East, verify viability of the technology you use.

Technology has many advantages, as it brings together people from all over the world.  It is also smart to plan ahead and be ready with a plan B.

How has technology helped you recently in building a healthy coaching relationship?

What are the things that technology provides that you are thankful for?


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