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Coaching Program Policies

Internal coaching programs are more effective and sustainable with appropriate planning and management.  For this reason, creating a business plan and program manual makes sense.  Similar to writing a business plan, start with the foundation of a mission, vision, ethical code, and core values.

Defining the mission and vision of a coaching program in an organization is a powerful tool for promoting the program, fostering buy-in, and providing direction.  The mission and vision for the coaching program must support the mission and vision for the organization as a whole.  When a mission or vision statement is a single sentence, it has more meaning and is more memorable.  Examples of each include:

Mission: Promote and empower employee engagement through powerful conversations.

Vision: Enhanced organizational effectiveness and productivity through fully integrated and supported employees.

Generally companies have a Code of Ethics in place.  Because of the nature of a coaching relationship, there are nuances to coaching ethics that address the coaching conversations specifically.  It makes sense as an organization to review the existing ethical code and the Code of Ethics from the International Coaching Federation, ICF.  Then, determine what to address specifically in the coaching program to ensure clarity and awareness.  This topic will be explored in more detail in a future blog.

Defining Core Values for a coaching program speaks to the beliefs around the reasons for the coaching program.  Naming and defining three to six Core Values supports the mission, vision, and ethics.  Examples include:

Engagement – Ensuring employees are interested in their work, involved in how it is done, and intentional about achieving results.

Empowerment – Providing opportunity and means for employees to explore their best course of action and implement it.

Independence – Ensuring the appropriate level of autonomy for completing the work effectively, efficiently, and to the required standards.

Productivity – Maximizing positive results and outcomes.

After building the foundation of the coaching program, enhance impact and sustainability by address processes and procedures in the coaching program plan / manual.  Ask questions and keep reading – this blog series continues to explore the details.

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