Career Coaching and Other Services

Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching ServicesCareer coaching is a focus on exploring interests, strategies, and planning options.  The coach also serves as an accountability partner.  With clients launching, advancing, or changing careers, additional services often make sense.  For example, in exploring interests some clients benefit from assessments while others prefer an open conversation.  Applying for positions typically involves submitting a resume and for many people specific instruction or advice is helpful.  Thus, many career coaches also offer additional services, consulting or training.

As a career coach this means exploring different assessment tools so you know what is available.  Then explore which you want to be certified in and which are available other ways.  Explore information on resumes and the possibility of certification in resume writing skills.

When you engage with a client, before starting work, be clear on what they want, what you offer, and plan your process together based on consulting, training, or coaching services that best serve the client.  Write an agreement that states which services are being provided when and for how long.  Include a statement that gives your client flexibility in adjusting which services they want and when.  When this is a collaborative process with your client, the consulting, training, and coaching are maximized for client benefit.

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