Coaching Pricing and Packages

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Coaching is a business and deciding on your basic prices, services, and options is part of planning and then operating your coaching practice. The range of fees for coaching services is from $100 to $3500 an hour with a median rate of $500 an hour according to the International Coaching Federation.  For a coach just getting started after life coaching certification, $100 to $150 an hour is typical in most parts of the United States.  For someone who decided to be a business coach, often the starting rate is twice that and does call for expertise on the part of the coach.  After executive coaching certification, $250 an hour is the low end and when the coach has both experience and expertise $600 an hour and up is more common.  Career coaching certification leads to a range typical of a life coach on up to that of an executive coach depending on the clientele.

Beyond a basic price, many coaches create coaching packages that cover a set number of sessions over a period of time or a set number of sessions per month.  Some coaching packages may be priced higher because the coach is accessible between coaching sessions whereas others limit the availability of the coach in terms of calls or emails between sessions.

Beyond individual coaching, group coaching makes sense both for the coach and for clients.  Sometimes group coaching is offered by itself, other times it is included with individual sessions in a package.  For a new coach getting started, charging $49 per person for a group session is typical and the price does go up based on the level of the group and the focus.

As a coach, consider what your client wants, your business operations, and your flexibility when creating your packages and defining prices.

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