Client-focused Coaching

Client-focused coaching begins with the premise that each client is their own best expert. The client chooses their priorities, what they want to accomplish during coaching sessions, and the client decides on their action plan.

The coach is a sounding board, strategy partner, and accountability partner. An excellent coach realizes each client is unique and has a different way of thinking, processing, deciding, and acting. Effectiveness as a coach starts with a quality coach training program wherein the coach learns to identify different personalities and learning styles. When coaches learn how to identify different styles, they also learn how to adjust to each style.

A coach trains to recognize how the client thinks, decides, and acts. The coach learns to understand the client’s strengths and weaknesses. With recognition and understanding, the coach has the opportunity to ask powerful questions. In responding to the questions, the client considers different perspectives and possibilities. Through coaching, clients become aware of how their own preferences influence their actions and follow through.

Clients build skills that serve them well when their coach asks effective questions, expands their thinking, and creates perspective. The coach supports the client in a way that works for the client, and demonstrates how to adjust to differences. The example set by the coach becomes a tool for the client to apply in their own interactions. The client gains awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses dealing with other people. The client learns how to identify different approaches.

In this blog series various preferences are defined with tips for how to recognize each, and how to coach based on the preference.

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