Know What Matters for Your Client

When you have chosen a niche, or area of expertise, you as the coach benefit by continuing to learn and by staying engaged in that area.  Do this by reading, participating in training classes, attending events that match your niche, and through social media.  This will keep you up-to-date with current trends, issues, and ideas.  Your knowledge shows when your client discusses something relevant and you understand what he or she is talking about.

When you are at training programs or events your ideal clients may attend, actively listening to hear what others are saying about topics that are relevant.  Show interest and ask questions.  In addition to enhancing your knowledge of what matters to your clients, you are potentially connecting with new prospects or referral sources.

Another opportunity for awareness and education is online discussions.  Observe what is important for your clients through discussions on LinkedIn, re-tweets on Twitter, and even Facebook activity.  Review questions and answers.  Where appropriate, your participation in the discussion demonstrates your expertise and invites prospective clients to ‘find’ you and connect.

Do remember to ask questions and explore understanding.  As a coach, and guiding them with a process so your clients expand their thinking, discover new possibilities, refine their strategy, and reach their full potential.

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