Coaching Perspectives Volume II

Each year, coaches who earn their Certified Professional Coach designation with the Center for Coaching Certification are invited to participate in writing a chapter for a book.  The feedback on the content has been excellent and the success of this quality book ensures it continues.

Book Review:

Coaching Perspectives provides excellent insights for executive, life, and business coaching as well as expertise in specific niche areas of coaching.


The chapters of Coaching Perspectives are:

  •  Powerful Goal Setting for Results by Cathy Liska
    •  A step-by-step guide on how to set goals so that you achieve them.
  •  Two Experts in the Coaching Process by Ruth Dillon
    •  A demonstration of how the client is their own best expert and the coach is the process expert.
  •  Positivity is Key to Effective Coaching by Pamela Lewis
    •  Honing in on the power of choosing positivity and the language that supports it.
  •  The Path to Coaching Effectively by Cynthia Foster
    •  Working with the first coaching client after training.
  •  Building Credibility and Success by Peggi Peaslee
    •  The importance of how you present yourself as a coach.
  •  Selling by NOT Telling by Erica Torres-Dudziak
    •  Offering coaching services as an option and an opportunity.
  •  Present Your Way to Profits by Megan Huber
    •  Speaking as a way to build your coaching business.
  •  I’m a Great Person – I Think by Nicole Stragalas
    •  About coaching individuals with fragile self-esteem.
  •  Coaching and Christians by Sharon Wilcox
    •  Understanding the hesitations of a Christian and moving forward with coaching.
  •  Defining Your Journey to Success: Career Coaching by 
    Ahfeeyah Thomas

    •  Exploring the impact of career coaching.
  •  Building Leaders at Sigma-Aldrich Corporation – A Case Study by Erick Koshner
    •  The application of coaching leaders within a corporation.
  •  Moving Beyond Metrics with Performance Based Coaching by Jeanne Hathcock
    •  Coaching for engagement and productivity in a corporation.

The Bad:  Each chapter is unique both in content and in writing style so this book is 12 e-books combined.

The Good:  The flow of the chapters does work in terms of content, and the broad overview combined with specialized expertise is excellent.

Conclusion:  A great read for coaches, clients, and those thinking about coaching.

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