The Power of a Personal Brand

The Power of a Personal Brand

by Ellen Zebrun, CMC, MFA

As a coach, you are not just in business – you are the business.  You are hired because of your ability to ask the powerful and pertinent questions that help clients develop
The Power of a Personal Brandpriorities, set goals, and establish timelines for those goals.  A personal brand clearly shows what makes you unique and relevant in a very specific way to your target market.

Your personal brand is an effective combination of the practical and emotional benefits your services provide along with the unique skills, experience, and personality that are yours alone. 

A personal brand allows you to:

Be Your Authentic Self

With a personal brand, you are able to coach around your passion, purpose, values and skills with ease and conviction. The freeing part of a personal brand is that you get to be you – sharing your values, your personality and your expertise with your clients.

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

When you know yourself and what you have to offer, you gain recognition for your expertise in your chosen niche.  A personal brand sets you apart from your competitors and helps your target clients easily identify you as the best choice for their needs. 

Grow Your Business Strategically

Think of your personal brand as a magnet – the stronger it is, the more powerfully it attracts new clients and opportunities.  Your magnetic brand also allows you to increase your fees as demand grows and choose clients and projects very intentionally.

With your personal brand’s clear and consistent message that conveys who you are and how your services and products make a difference in your clients’ lives, you can share your passion and your purpose with others and have the business and future that you want.

Read The Power of a Personal Brand chapter in Coaching Perspectives V for more.

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