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Coaching Parents with Teens

Coaching Parents with Teens

Coaching Parents with Teens by Karen Wrolson

Parents often seek out coaches for assistance – especially during the typically difficult adolescent years of their children.   It is during the years of 11-18 when young people change greatly and often; bewildering parents as they find the parenting methods that had previously been successful are now failing.

In the chapter “Coaching Parents of Teens”, coaches receive a great deal of preparation for this important work. First, readers learn about the stages of adolescent development including physical, cognitive, and social/emotional. They also learn how brain development impacts youth. Each type of development is fully described for early, middle, and late adolescence.

Secondly, coaches are provided with instruction of how parents can modify their parenting methods to be more effective in each stage.   As the children develop and change; so must parental interaction.

Finally, coaches are provided with templates for the first, second, and subsequent coaching sessions. Parenting coaches learn when and how to introduce an educational component during the session. They are provided with scenarios to prepare them to elicit specific parenting goals. They also receive suggestions of ways to provide support between sessions.

The parenting coach is now prepared with a good understanding of adolescent development, necessary parenting modifications, and specifics on how to help parents create effective goals.

Coaching Parents with Teens Karen Wrolson, Owner of Excite Ed! as well a Certified Professional Coach, has worked with over 800 adolescents and families in the last 25 years. In her chapter for Coaching Perspectives IV she provides practical suggestions reflecting her expertise in assisting families.

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