Coaching for Follow-Through

A coach is an accountability partner which means supporting client follow-through.  At the same time, the client is ultimately responsible for following through, so how does the coach support that?   Consider these key concepts from coach training:

  • When the coach truly empowers the client to choose what they want and determine how they want to achieve it, the client owns it and this increases follow-through.
  • When the coach models positive, proactive language plus asks questions in a way that the client expresses their goals and plans in positive, proactive language follow-through is more natural.
  • When the coach asks the client how they will manage their accountability and how they want the coach to serve as an accountability partner, follow-through is solidified.

To support long-term follow-through, ask questions to create awareness about capabilities for follow-through:

  • What might inhibit your ability to follow-through?
  • What resources do you have to accomplish it?
  • What support do you have to help you follow-through?
  • What additional resources do you want?
  • What changes will support your long-term follow through?
  • How will you make it happen?
  • How will it feel when you succeed?
  • What will you say to yourself about your success?
  • What will you see?
  • How will you manage your accountability?
  • How do you want me to serve as your accountability partner?
  • How will you celebrate progress and success?

The reason coaching has such a high ROI is because the coaching process supports client choice, client ownership, client design, and client accountability.  The focus is both positive and proactive.  Effectively applying the coaching competencies learned in coaching certification optimizes success.

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