Habits and Routines

Habits and Routines

What are your habits that serve you well?  What habits do you have that hinder you?  What are routines that work well?  What are routines that limit?  Explore these questions for yourself.  Make a list of the various habits and routines and note whether they are beneficial or getting in the way.  It is often fascinating to lay this out on paper because it is a revelation. Habits and Routines

For example, routines include what time you get up, what you do in the morning, your daily schedule, what you do in the evening, etc.  Habits include exercise, nutrition, self-care, interacting with others, and work processes.

Consider which routines and habits serve you well and schedule accordingly to continue.  Consider which routines and habits are limiting and decide what you want them to be instead.  Plan time to design the change.  Imagine the outcome you want to be thinking about what you will see, hear, and feel.  Plan reminders for yourself and schedule new routines and habits.

Because change is a process over time, set up routine check-ins with yourself on your progress.  Evaluate how it is working, what to adjust, and how to continue making progress.  Be sure to include time to acknowledge yourself too for your efforts and successes!

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