Coaching Competency 1 Speaks to Diversity

Coaching Competency 1 Speaks to Diversity

Which competencies specifically address diversity?  There are several – consider both the definitions from the competencies and the competency sub points. Coaching Competency 1 Speaks to Diversity

Competency 1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice: Definition: “Understands and consistently applies coaching ethics and standards of coaching.”  This is speaking to the complete Code of Ethics and includes the information covered in the previous blogs.  Competency 1.1 says “demonstrates personal integrity and honesty in interactions with clients, sponsors, and relevant stakeholders.”  In 1.2 it says to be sensitive to the clients’ identity, environment, experiences, values, and beliefs. What is their identity?  What is their environment?  What are their experiences?  What are their values?  What are their beliefs?  There is so much to know and be aware of and this calls for taking time to explore the clients’ world.  It means really being open and interested, curious and wanting to know who they are as well as what the client wants.  As a coach, it means getting to know the client, what they want, and where is it appropriate to explore.  Be curious and interested – how is their identity playing into perceptions or opportunities?  How are their environment and experiences impacting their values and beliefs?  These are influencers for them.  To do good, we want to be sensitive to all these influencers and to support client awareness as well.

Competency 1.3 says, “uses language appropriate and respectful to clients, sponsors, and relevant stakeholders.”  When we are sensitive to their identity, their values, and beliefs, we will be more aware of what language is appropriate because different words impact people differently.  As a coach, take time to learn what is respectful for the client.

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