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Coaching Client’s Feedback from Management

Coaching Client’s Feedback from Management

There are annual reviews, 360 degree feedback reports, and various types of tools which management use as reflection and growth markers for working professionals in the corporate world today. Studies that show that if 360 feedback is not followed-up with coaching, six months later 66% of the working professionals who received the feedback had made little to no change in their work habits.

Coaching Client’s Feedback from Management

When 360 reports and feedback are paired with a certified coach, the results change dramatically. The percent rises to 94% of participants taking action with regard to goal setting in relation to the report.


Personal feedback can be emotional and foggy. Coaching extends clarity and space to clients who lack understanding and focus. When followed with commitment and an action plan, development begins to take shape for clients.

Examples of Questions:

  • How do you understand your feedback?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are the derailing behaviors?
  • How is this an opportunity?
  • How do you want to be coached around the feedback?

There are different ways in which to handle individual 360 feedback reports. It can be done through a written account, followed by a workshop, an internal coach, or facilitator. Working with an International Coaching Federation member coach who is trained, or training a specific internal HR team with ICF skills has shown to deliver the best results.

Having an ICF member external coach gives clients an ability to build trust, and open up the conversation for more growth potential.


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