Clients Taking Action

Clients Taking Action

Clients Taking Action

The idea behind a coaching relationship is movement, awareness, transformation, and action, all of which belong to client. Coaching is the infrastructure which supports all of these experiences. Some clients hire a coach to work with vision, some with awareness and understanding, and some are ready for action. People show up in various places along the path of readiness, and it is up to the coach to create an environment in which a client finds the parts which they are seeking. Finding out what success looks like for each client is vital.

Even when a client is ready for action at the start, it is still important to build a relationship from the ground up. This means beginning with the whole picture of who a client is, and through conversation, understanding how he/she wants to move forward. Once a foundation has been created in the coaching relationship, and rapport is being established, the client will set the agenda around vision and goals.

While action concerning goals is a target, so is opening up the conversation for unexpected moments for new ideas, awareness, and inspiration.

Examples of Questions:

  • What inspires excellence?
  • What are you going to build?
  • What is your timeline for your goals?
  • How does motivation show up?
  • When will this happen?

Clients Taking Action At the right time for them, the client will come to action. (Some may have been ready since the first coaching conversation, which is fine. Some clients may take time.) It is the client’s creative process which happens during coaching that brings the unexpected gifts of a new perspective, rejuvenated motivation, added resources, or brilliant connections.

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