Coaching Begins with Exploring the Possibilities

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When deciding to engage a coach, one of the steps in the process is to explore the possibilities.  For some, this involves asking other people.  Others research coaches, coach training, and coaching standards.  In many corporate settings a list of coaches is available.  Another option is an online directory of coaches such as  Alternatively, many people engage a coach because they saw them speaking or training, or met them in person.

One option when considering a coaching relationship is an introductory coaching session.  In the workplace, this serves to determine whether there is a good fit and to create buy-in for the coaching process.  For coaches offering this service, it is a chance to offer prospective clients the opportunity to experience coaching, and to have a sense of them as a coach.

At the Center for Coaching Certification, the coaching process begins with the 20-30 minute introductory session.  Certified Professional Coaches ask the client about them self, ask them about what they want, then explore barriers and options for overcoming barriers.  The business, life, career, or executive coach creates an opportunity for the client to experience coaching and then consider the benefits so that the client makes the choice about coaching.

During the introductory session, the coach is focused completely on the client.  The Certified Professional Coach has a tool for recognizing and understanding different personalities in the moment.  The coach is aware of client language patterns and learning styles because it is the coach’s responsibility to adjust to the client in the moment.  This supports maximum benefit from the coaching engagement for the client.

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