Coaching and Organization

How often do you think organization is a barrier to success?  Organization skills typically go hand-in-hand with time management skills; sometimes people do great with one of these skills and not the other.  Consider how many professionals are available to organize closets, cabinets, garages, and offices.  Beyond that professionals offer services such as running errands or cooking meals or coordinating services.  Coaching is a skill for the professionals offering these services and coaches have clients for whom organization is a barrier to success.

Consider these questions:

  • As a coach, how important is it to have organization skills?
    • Coaches organize client records and organization is necessary to ensure confidentiality and having the information during coaching sessions.
    • Coaches are responsible for running their business and success requires organization.
    • Coaches discuss organization with clients.
  • As an organization consultant or concierge, how important are coaching skills for supporting client organization in the long term?
    • Coaching supports long term change and skill development which means after helping a client get organized, coaching helps them stay organized.
    • Coaching ensures exploring what the client really wants and providing the service in a way that works for them individually.
  • How often is organization a skill coaching clients want to develop?
    • While most people benefit from enhanced organization skills few identify it as a high priority.
    • Organization supports client focus and action.
  • Is accountability for organization a factor in coaching results?
    • Coaches are accountability partners so the obvious answer is yes.
    • Discussing organization with clients empowers their success.

As a coach, your own organization impacts your success and your knowledge of organization skills impacts the success of your clients.  What is your process now to enhance your organization and knowledge?

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