Coach Told a Company-held Secret

The phone rings and someone from a large company is asking about your coaching services.  They want you to coach an employee because of inter-personal issues on the job.  As a professional, you schedule the meeting while your stomach is doing flip-flops in excitement.  This is just the kind of coaching services contract you want to build your practice!

At the meeting, the company representative discusses having you work with two (yeah – two!) different employees.  The first step in your process is to sign an agreement for services with the company as the sponsor, and then sign individual coaching agreements with the employees you will be coaching.  Everything goes smoothly, and you schedule coaching sessions with the two employees.

The first employee is a big concern for the company because they are having conflicts with many of their direct reports and colleagues.  The good news is that when you meet with the employee, they really do want to make changes and improve their performance.

Then it happens.  The company representative requests a meeting with you, and advises you that the company has decided they want this employee, your coaching client, gone.  The company ideally wants the employee to quit so they do not have to deal with potential liability.  They want you to coach them out of the organization.  Now what?!?

Come back on Wednesday and find out!

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