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The Art of Helping Others Move Forward

Noreen Bakerby Noreen Baker

The chapter titled The Art of Helping Others Move Forward outlines the basics of the coaching process in helping others move forward.  This chapter is written to serve as a reminder to those who are still sorting through all of the information received during coach training and is new information for some as they start coaching.  It will help coaches and clients alike master new skills and gain knowledge to bring about change in their own personal lives and move forward to help others live to their fullest potential.

It gives insight into the coaching experience and highlights the importance of the role of the coach by taking a look at the coaching process, powerful listening, the phenomenal words that help to change the way a client may think, and the importance of the coach’s language in assisting the client to move forward.

Moving forward is such a delicate process and a coach must use the right tools, techniques, and wording to guarantee that progress will take place.  It is very important that the client has a safe space to learn and reflect so that they will see that a shift has taken place.

This chapter says that I have a plan, I have a mission, and I have a purpose.  My Art of Helping Other Move Forward chapter in Coaching Perspectives IX is about making the shift to position myself to help others move towards their goals and live their best life.


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