Find Coaching Clients through Presentations

In this blog series on finding coaching clients the initial focus developed connections. Now consider the possibilities when potential clients experience your expertise because you are in front of a group of people.

Because finding the right coach is important to a client that is investing time and money in the process, the opportunity to hear you speak or train offers insight to your expertise.

Many groups in your community seek speakers regularly and this affords you an opportunity to provide content while showcasing your services. When you speak for the audience to gain value, after a presentation people come to you with questions and to ask for your business card.

It is possible to have coaching clients seek you out rather than you seeking out clients!

Action Steps to increase Presentations

1. Develop a few 20-30 minute presentations

Consider your coaching expertise and specific topics that interest your ideal client. Develop a presentation with approximately three key points. Create a title that is catchy.

2. Research groups that routinely seek presenters

Groups such as Rotary, professional membership organizations, nonprofits, and more seek speakers as often as every week. Develop a database of groups that notes the organization name, website, meeting location, meeting time, contact, phone, email, and demographic.

3. Contact the groups and offer to present

Call or email to offer your titled presentations. Provide your contact information so they have the opportunity to research your expertise and contact you to present.

What topics do you think are of interest for professionals today?

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