Career Coach Training

Career Coach Training

Career Coach TrainingWhat training makes sense for a career coach?  Ideally there is coach training to develop coaching competencies specifically and training for subject matter expertise in careers.

Coaching certification involves developing the 11 Core Competencies of a coach as identified by the International Coach Federation, ICF.  The ICF approves coach training programs and their approval indicates the coaching specific content.  The gold standard in certifications is IACET, the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.  IACET accreditation indicates quality in the delivery of training and the process for certification.

Career training areas include various assessment tools, resume writing, job search strategies, career advancement strategies, and professional development planning.

Coach training covers the parameters of career coaching – the definitions of career coaching and a career coach, the importance of career coaching, and other key ideas and concepts important to working as a career coach.

Career Coach training provides insight on the career coaching industry. During class participants explore career strategies and how coaching is an integral part of achieving optimal career success. In addition, coaches learn about the career coaching industry overall, and the skills and competencies recommended to effectively perform career coaching through inquiry and goal setting with the client.

For a client, finding a career coach includes asking about their coach training and also asking about their subject matter expertise.

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