Coach Training

At the same time more people than ever are going back to school or pursuing continuing education in specific fields of interest, the International Coaching Federation is also focusing on the education of coaches.  Specifically, to be a member of the ICF, coaches must have 60 hours of training.  As an example, at the Center for Coaching Certification, the ICF-approved Certified Professional Coach program is 30 hours and the ICF-approved Certified Master Coach program is an additional 30 hours.  To join the ICF, the training hours from both classes combined meets the membership requirement.  After becoming a member, many opt to continue their training and earn the designations of ACC, PCC, and/or MCC, with each requiring an increasing number of training hours plus paid coaching work plus more.

In addition to graduating from a coach training class or classes, and becoming a member of the ICF, another great training for coaches is the World Business and Executive Coach Summit – a virtual conference.  Last year I attended and this year I will again attend so it is with confidence that I completely recommend it.  Currently you have the opportunity to participate in 30-minute webinars for free so you have an idea of what is offered – visit it by clicking here:


Professionalism in coaching includes a commitment to ongoing learning to ensure providing the best possible service to clients.

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