Choosing a Coaching Business Name and Niche

Typically starting a coaching business means starting with a name.  Often that works well and sometimes a different approach works.  In this blog series, a different starting point is defining the ideal client.  With the ideal client in mind, the next step described writing a mission statement.  Now, with your ideal client in mind and a mission statement, choose a name.

To generate ideas for your coaching business name, review the notes from your brainstorming processes for describing your ideal client and writing a mission statement.  What stands out for you?  Brainstorm names by listing them on paper.  What impression do these possible names create with your ideal client?  Choose your favorite three and test them out on others.  Consider the input and choose the name you want for your coaching business.

Now explore how to describe your niche — or up to three different niches.  The ideas is to choose a niche that is broad enough to apply to many people and specific enough so that your ideal client knows it describes their reason for coaching.  For example, Transition Coaching is broad – transition can be any type of change.  At the same time it is specific because the prospective client going through transition knows it applies.

Brainstorm coaching niche areas by listing multiple ideas on paper.  For more ideas of different niche areas, read the executive and life coaching lists at

Consider whether your niche areas are connected and work together.  For example, if you want a niche of dating coaching and you want a niche of leadership coaching, what impression are you creating?  These two niche areas are very different and a prospective client may shy away.  If your niche areas are widely different, consider having two different businesses, websites, and business cards.  If your niche areas make sense together, choose up to three.  (More than three sends a message that you lack focus.)  For example, Leadership, Productivity, and Team Building are niche areas that work together and create appeal.  It is helpful to test out your niche areas on others for feedback.

Now with your name, niche, and mission you have the foundation for branding and marketing your coaching services – good luck!

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