Graduates Seek Coaching

coach graduatesAs graduations take place across the country, many of the students graduating are faced with the challenge of finding a job and building their career.  Given that the fastest growing demographic for coaching is people between the ages of 25 and 35, it makes sense that many new graduates are looking for a coach.

Is this one of your areas of expertise as a coach?  Be sure you are up to date on the latest trends for job search strategies.  Specifically, recruiters often start on LinkedIn, many have followings on Twitter, and Facebook is often used to eliminate candidates from consideration.

Resumé formats are different now.  The expectation is that each resumé is tailored to a specific job at a specific company.  In many companies the way to get a resumé reviewed is to have an employee submit it (and the employee often receives a referral bonus).

Effective interviewing skills are developed with preparation and practice.  Knowing the expectation of the employer in terms of dress, preparation, interaction, and follow-up is important.

Individual and group coaching is very effective and the reason new graduates seek a coach is for the results.  As a coach, staying current and ensuring graduates know you are available is more important than ever.  Reach out in your community, offer workshops, and let your network know you are available for job search coaching.

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