Coach and Client Resources

A coach often has a multitude of resources.  Ideally in their coaching certification they were given access to examples of agreements, questionnaires, time and money management tools, and business tools.  In addition to the coach using these tools when building a coaching business and providing coaching services, these become tools they provide to their clients.

A different angle on the idea of resources is exploring the resources of a client.  Coaches learn that by having a client consider and define the resources available to them, the client becomes more aware of the achievability of their goals and more confident in their own success.

What are resources?  Tools include software, technology, apps, and worksheets.  Skills, both hard and soft, are resources a client taps.  Techniques incorporate different approaches to how things are said or done.  Logistical resources include physical equipment, access to facilities, money, and more.  Relationships as resources are the family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and others who support or help.

Along with the increased awareness of all that is available to support goals, the list of resources is a tool when designing specific action steps.  During the coaching conversation, resources that are wanted are also listed so action steps are included for obtaining them.  The resources that are available are utilized for moving forward.

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