Career and Transition Coaching

Career and Transition Coaching

Career and Transition Coaching by Dina Simon

The race for talent will only increase over the next several years. Helping your client know their value and what they bring to the market or an organization will help them stand out from the competition.

Career and Transition CoachingThe author of this chapter, Dina Simon, has spent her career in the staffing industry and has a true gift and passion for allowing people to align their key strengths to the work they do on a day-to-day basis. The chapter will allow you to apply a simple process when working with someone who is evaluating his/her career. Whether the client is currently working but exploring other options or someone that is in a total transition and out of work.

The coaching process outlined will help your client take a deep dive into his/her past experience and allow for meaningful planning for the future. Many clients have moved into new roles and even promotions within the same company using these techniques. A client who is hitting the streets conducting interviews for a new role, will be laser focused on his/her skills and capabilities and direction on what he/she is looking for.

When someone feels aligned to the work he or she is doing on a daily basis, they are more productive and engaged in their career.   If the client is a leader of others, it’s a great personal exercise for them to go through and then take their team through.

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