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Three Secrets to Selecting a Coach

Three Secrets to Selecting a Coach

Three Secrets to Selecting a Coach by Bill Shell

Ready to get started with an executive or business coach in 2015? Learn the top three secrets (and tips) to successfully selecting and engaging your new coach.

Learn from a seasoned business coach. Over the course of Bill’s career working with small business owners and executives he’s had the opportunity to engage and assess a variety of coaching and consulting relationships. Many have worked extremely well. Others were quite challenging. It is for this reason that Bill hopes to share a few insights learned in the search, selection, and engagement of a coach for you or your business.

Here are the three specific points for your consideration in maximizing effectiveness with your coach:Three Secrets to Selecting a Coach

  1. Identify your destination – learn the reasons you are starting the search for a coach and define your desired outcome so you are on the right path.
  2. Identify your objectives (expectations and priorities) – before the search, identify your personal and professional requirements when working with a coach.
  3. Identify your metrics – before you start the engagement determine how you will measure the effectiveness of the relationship, progress, and ultimate success of your coaching engagement.

Ready to learn more? Read my chapter in Coaching Perspectives IV.


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