Case Study: The Process Example

In this blog series, the case study was set up and is explored in these subsequent posts by considering what happens side-by-side with the Core Competencies.  This is the sixth of the posts and serves to explore some detail in the process.

In the opening coaching session, Marie asked David what he wanted.  He shared that in his career he wanted to achieve specific growth and productivity numbers on the job, and he wanted to successfully serve as a mentor for two of the VP’s that had been identified as potential successors.

David also realized he wanted to develop certain skills at work to improve his relationships and enhance outcomes.  David shared his goal for how much of a bonus he wanted to earn.  He listed specific debt he wanted to retire.  David was close to his financial goals for retirement and stated exactly what he wanted next.

Then David talked about what he wanted in his relationship with his wife and with his now grown children.  David set goals for spending time with relatives and friends.  David set specific goals for exercising, weight, and his eating habits.  He explored what he wanted in his spiritual life.  David listed classes he hoped to attend.  He talked about the legacy he wanted to create both at work and with his family.  He described his ideal emotional state.  David said he wanted to volunteer and named a specific cause that was of interest.  He defined what work / life balance meant to him and set goals to create time for hobbies and relaxation.

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