Case Study: Starting the Process

In this blog series, the case study was set up and is explored in these subsequent posts by considering what happens side-by-side with the Core Competencies.  This is the seventh of the posts and serves to explore some detail in the process.

In the second coaching session, Marie asked David about his barriers to achieving his goals.  He thought, and then he said that his own habits got in the way.  Sometimes he was so busy that he forgot to think or do differently to change what he wanted to change.

In exploring how to move past these challenges, David and Marie discussed what it does take to change thinking and habits and how to make that happen.  Marie provided David with specific tools that would serve as consistent reminders.  At the end of the session, David and Marie discussed the focus of their next session, when they would focus on his top priorities and plan his action steps.

Between coaching sessions, David reflected on the conversation from the first coaching session and how powerful it was to really consider what he wanted in all areas of his life.  David realized the power of the tools he had for choosing his own habits and focus.  David was aware that during the ongoing coaching sessions he would focus on his work specifically and at the same time he valued the big picture, whole person approach of his coach.

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