Case Study: The Process

In this blog series, the case study was set up and is explored in these subsequent posts by considering what happens side-by-side with the Core Competencies.  This is the eighth of the posts and serves to explore some detail in the process.

In their third coaching session, David asked Marie to review the results of the 360 evaluation which was now complete.  Some of the feedback was painful, and David initially challenged its validity.  Marie asked simple, open questions to explore further.

Through the probing of his coach, David realized that it was more important to focus on what he wanted moving forward.  Specifically, David realized that by developing his own emotional intelligence, EI, he could then improve his relationships.  He decided he also wanted to work on his communication skills – listening, language, and the way he asked questions.  David became aware that his own goals in fact aligned with the recommendations from the 360 feedback.

During the coaching relationship, David set specific goals for skills he wanted to develop.  He explored his strategy and planned his action steps.  Over time David improved his relationships both at work and at home.  His team at the company saw the changes and appreciated David’s efforts.  David achieved his growth and productivity goals and he gave credit to the team for the results.

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