Case Study aligned the third section of the ICF 11 Core Competencies

In this blog series, the case study was set up and is explored in these subsequent posts by considering what happens side-by-side with the 11 Core Competencies.  This is the fourth of the posts.

  1. Communicating Effectively
    1. Active Listening
    2. Powerful Questioning
    3. Direct Communication

Beginning with their initial meeting and continuing throughout the relationship, Marie listened with intention.  She would rephrase and reflect what David said to demonstrate she heard and understood.  This also helped David because when he heard his thoughts summarized it helped him clarify his own thinking and explore further.  Marie asked short, simple questions that were open.  She asked probing, clarifying questions and then gave David the space to answer.  She modeled open, positive, proactive exploration.  Marie used language that was both respectful and clear.  She was aware of David’s word choices and blended her approach to fit with his style to further enhance his understanding and engagement.  Marie’s use of assertiveness techniques supported David in developing the skill himself.

By communicating effectively, Marie modeled skills that David wanted to develop and she supported the effectiveness of the coaching relationship.

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