Coaching for Postgraduates

by Charlotte Johnson

The life of a postgraduate student is far different from an undergrad. Postgraduate programs are challenging, and the courses can be overwhelming. US News in their article, “5 Things You Need to Know About Graduate School,”notes that post grad programs are hard work and require challenging coursework. In addition, the pressure of writing a thesis can be very stressful. These are a few of the reasons that coaches are incredibly valuable for postgraduate students. 

A good strategy for graduate students make sense and coaches developing a process can effectively support their success. Here are a few strategies that you can use to inform your process and questions.

Build Relationships

Creating a good working relationship is key to successful coaching. Each student is different and will have a different study mentality that diligent coaches will recognize and build upon.

Communication is vital in coaching post-grad students. Encourage feedback from the student on how the sessions can be improved and adapted to be more effective for them. After all, they also have years of experience and most will know what works best for them.

Creating a Routine

Postgraduate students have extremely busy schedules. Some are studying while working and some have family obligations or other commitments too; these are significant considerations.

With busy schedules, it is often helpful to create a routine that is easily followed. Working around a set schedule will mean it is easier to manage time and to plan. The World University Rankings states that figuring out ways to save time is crucial for postgraduates; coaches can help them create a schedule that makes sense with a good studying routine.

Coaching is a process that is adjusted to each individual client. Apply the coaching competencies you learned in your coach training and follow your Code of Ethics.  Together this means you will effectively support success.

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