Coaching and Blogging

Ah yes, the opening post in this series mentioned four major social media sites and now there is a post on blogging. Is blogging social media? Given the predominant thinking that ‘content is king,’ blogging is a great way for a coach to provide content. Another key consideration: blogging is a great way to increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

Information is easily available. The internet provides quick access to many people providing services. With so many divergent possibilities, coaching clients want to have confidence in their coach’s ability. Providing valuable content demonstrates ability. When a coach writes, then a prospective client has a sense of their knowledge base and ability.

When a blog is tied to a website, new posts add new content to the site. Search engines find the new content and the ranking of the site climbs. When you are in business as a coach, visibility on the internet is important. Writing a blog increases your website visibility in the search engines, and increases your visibility through the blog when people search for articles of interest.

There are several free sites to have blogs and some serve as a website too. One that I hear recommended frequently is Of course the more you blog, the more you learn ways to increase effectiveness and the easier it gets!

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