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Who are we as coaches?

Who are we as coaches?

There are stereotypes and commonalities amongst us as professionals.  Of course, each of us is unique and that is a good thing! Who are we as coaches?

Who we are as coaches is built on who we are individually?  Our life experiences, education, training, network, and career are elements that help define us.  We each have beliefs, values, attitudes, biases, priorities, challenges, and motivators. Building on that, the Code of Ethics, Core Competencies, and Core Values of the coaching community influence our development and approach to coaching.

Who we are as coaches also includes our style and approach to coaching?  Some are very logical and focus on work and tasks.  Some are emotional and focus on feelings and relationships.  Ideally, we all learn to flex to the client and partner to explore both work strategies and tasks plus the feelings and relationships based on where they are at in the moment.

On a deeper level, who we are as coaches includes being present to ourselves, our biases, and how we show up.  Our competencies call on us to have a self-reflective practice and this includes both self-awareness and reflecting on how we coach.  Additionally, our ethics and competencies require us to continue learning.  All this influences how we show up for clients.

Each client will experience who we are differently.  Additionally, who they are influences their perceptions of us as their coach.  Thus, who we are as coaches during a session is also closely tied to who the client is and how they show up.

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