Stories About Starting a Coaching Business


Imagine Katrina plans to start a coaching business.  She completes her initial training and starts researching and planning for her business.  She then completes her next coach training program and joins the International Coach Federation.  She is hesitant to start because she wants more (as yet undefined) resources and she is unsure she is good enough to coach.  She stays in a job and is regularly drawn back to researching and planning.  This continues for five years before she decides to start a coaching business obviously doesn’t work for her, so she commits to staying in a job where she is unhappy.


Envision Richard completing his coaching certification and hanging out the proverbial shingle for his new coaching business.  While he is uncomfortable with marketing he does update his LinkedIn profile and talk to people in his network, so he gets a few referrals.  Richard coaches a few people at a time and while he wants more clients he procrastinates doing the marketing.  The coaching business continues on a part time basis, so Richard decides to get other work too. 


Visualize Maria starting a coaching business.  After she completes her coach training she utilizes the resources provided and the examples in the previous blogs to develop her plan.  She commits to scheduled action steps and actively talks about what she is doing with her network.  As she spreads the word her contacts refer people to her for coaching.  She ensures she provides a quality service and her clients refer others too.  Maria continues to work on her business consistently and she achieves her goals for the business.

After reading these examples, reflect on the possibilities:

  • Which outcome do you want for yourself?
  • What will it take to achieve that outcome?
  • How will you motivate yourself to follow-through?
  • What resources will you use to create success?
  • What might get in the way?
  • How will you move past the challenges?
  • What is your action plan?
  • Describe your ideal outcome.

The choice is yours – choose what you want and commit to taking the action so you create success.

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