Career Coaching

Career CoachCareer coaching is a strategic partnership wherein the Career Coach works with the Client to clarify goals, develop strategies, create action plans and move past obstacles. It is understood that the client is empowered to make their own choices in exploring how to educate them self, make decisions, and manage their career effectively with a focus on opportunity and follow-through.

A Career Coach is someone who is knowledgeable and professionally trained to explore possibilities, define priorities, create a strategy, clarify objectives, develop action plans, move past challenges, and progress towards to outcomes the client chooses. The Career Coach serves the client with a focus on priorities and as an accountability partner.

Ideally a Career Coach has completed coaching certification and developed expertise in areas specific to the client focus including resume writing, job search strategies, interviewing, negotiating, career path development, and more.

Understanding the differentiation between roles such as coach, consultant, mentor, and trainer, will empower you, as a coach, to establish a clear agreement with your client, set boundaries and expectations, provide ongoing support, and shift roles as appropriate during the session.  The next post explores this further.

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