Book Review of Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide – Third Edition by Marcia Bench

Marcia Bench Book

Marcia Bench BookBook Review of “Career Coaching:  An Insider’s Guide – Third Edition” by Marcia Bench

Review written by Cathy Liska, CMC, ACC


This book addresses career coaching as a niche in the coaching world.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

Part One: The Practice of Career Coaching

  1. Getting Started in Career Coaching: What It Is and Is Not
  2. Ethical Considerations in Coaching

Part Two: The Authentic VocationTM Model of Career Design

  1. Overview of Authentic Vocation: Blending Passion & Pocketbook in an Ideal Job
  2. Authentic VocationTM Factor 1: Life Purpose
  3. Authentic VocationTM Factor 2: Values at Work
  4. Authentic VocationTM Factor 3: Motivators and Interests
  5. Authentic VocationTM Factor 4: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  6. Authentic VocationTM Factor 5: Work and Other Experience
  7. Authentic VocationTM Factor 6: Job / Career Targets
  8. Authentic VocationTM Factor 7: Work Environment
  9. Authentic VocationTM Factor 8: Business Reality

Part Three: QuantumShift!TM Coaching Principles

  1. The QuantumShift!TM Coaching Model: Getting to Aha
  2. Three Core Coaching Competencies: the 3 “E’s” of Successful Coaching
  3. Level 1 Coaching: Changing Performance and Behavior for the Better
  4. Level 1 Coaching: Honing in on Beliefs, Perspective, and Motivation
  5. Level 1 Coaching: Shifting Personal Identity for Lasting Change
  6. The Role of Intuition and Deep Listening in Coaching
  7. Advanced Coaching Skills

Part Four: Job Search Mechanics

  1. Succeeding at the Job Search: Developing a Marketing Plan and Using Social Media
  2. Tactics for the Published Job Market: Finding Jobs with Ads, Recruiters, and the Internet
  3. Accessing the Unpublished Job Market: Using Networking, Search Engines, and Proactive Strategies to Reveal Hidden Opportunities
  4. Resume Design Secrets: Developing the Client’s Personal Brand and Highlighting Their Most Marketable Attributes
  5. Interviewing Strategies That Get the Job
  6. Evaluating Job Offers: Wants Versus Needs
  7. Negotiating the Optimum Compensation Package


Part Five: The Career Coach’s Toolbox

Toolbox Contents

Appendix 1: Frequently Asked Questions About Career Coaching

Appendix 2: International Coaching Federation Coaching Core Competencies

Appendix 3: Starting a Career Development Initiative at Your Company

The Good: This provides an excellent overview of coaching, career coaching, differences in roles, plus great subject matter expertise in the area of careers.

The Bad: It is heavily invested in the program of the author – which completely makes sense – and this means it includes a focus on marketing.

Conclusion: There is room for more role clarity and stronger ethics, definitely great insight and a worthwhile read.

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