Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 13

Offering group coaching services promotes excellence in coaching because it is an affordable option and because clients benefit from participating in the group sessions.  Additionally, it is a service that supports your coaching business development and sustainability.

To offer group coaching, start by exploring what the group will focus on during coaching sessions.  It is essential that everyone in the group have an interest in a common topic or theme. For example, a group can be focused on workplace relationships.  Topics for coaching sessions then include communication, personalities, conflict, effective feedback, motivating others, productivity, teams, and leadership.

Decide your format for group coaching.  For example, some coaches decide on the topic in advance based on participant input or the focus of the group.  The coach then researches the topic and prepares a list of questions.  The coach may send some questions out in advance to the participants.  Other coaches decide on the topic when the session starts based on what participants want in the moment.

After deciding on the focus of the group and the format, decide on the rate for participation.  Some coaches include it with individual coaching packages.  Other coaches have a rate for a single session or for monthly participation in multiple sessions.

With group coaching you develop excellence in coaching because your clients learn from others, and prospective clients have an opportunity to move toward individual coaching gradually.

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