Coaching Empowers Exploration

Coaching Empowers Exploration

Exploration is the process of discovery and/or consideration. During coaching sessions, the coaching process supports clients to explore. Coaching Empowers Exploration

About Exploration:

  • Coaching sessions are an opportunity for a client to explore their goals, ideas, opportunities, and possibilities; this process is empowered with questions asked by the coach.
  • As the client explores, the coach partners with the client to define their focus and prioritize plus learn and apply insights.
  • The coach works with the client to recognize and overcome barriers, consider resources available and wanted, and to solidify buy-in to the value of their success.

Exploration is Important Because:

  • The exploration process serves to create clarity for the client.
  • In considering multiple possibilities, the coach empowers open thinking for the client.
  • Consideration of different possibilities benefits decision making.

Considerations for Exploration:

  • Ensure your coach training covers types of questions and how to formulate questions for effective exploration.
  • Ensure your coach training includes hands-on experience asking questions as a foundation for exploration.
  • Ensure your coach training covers the difference between giving advice and the ability to provide perspective.


  • Practice the coaching process provided in training to explore and list client goals.
  • Ask questions as the client explores the value of their goals.
  • When the client explores the ideal outcome of achieving their goals, they create the reality of success.

During the practicum portion of coaching certification, the exploration based on what a client wants plus exploring their thoughts, reactions, considerations, and more serves them to create meaningful change.


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