Celebrating Milestones with Clients

Celebrating Milestones with Clients

Celebrating Milestones with ClientsCreating client awareness and goal setting are ICF coaching competencies. Coaching is centered around a client’s drive and intent, so adding a little celebration into the mix supports motivation. When a client reaches a milestone, part of the foundation for their goal, it is a wonderful feeling. A celebration or recognition is in order. Asking a client how he/she likes to handle successful milestones as part of an opening coaching session will give insight how a person likes to handle achievement.

There are some clients who hesitate to spend much time on the milestones, which will be honored. Most clients are well-served and happy to look at successes. Having accomplishment brings confidence, motivation, and joy into the coaching relationship. It recharges the “I will do it,” battery. It also brings awareness around the growth of a client.

Examples of Questions:
• How do you want to celebrate this milestone?
• Where are you in terms of growth?
• What do you want to say about the success?
• How do you see your success?
• Where do you want to go from here?

How a coach commemorates will be tailored to each client. Perhaps with a card, or a little gesture of words, or some small token around the awareness of what it took to get to that point. This builds the coaching relationship with a deeper sense of rapport. However the acknowledgement shows up, it highlights the individual’s building of success.

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