Book Review of Coaching Perspectives X


This book addresses many current and significant areas of focus for individuals and in coaching engagements.  Specifically, you can explore how to: do good in terms of social justice as an individual, work with the science of positivity to serve you and your clients, effectively express yourself, intentionally plan your path to purpose, dream, do transformational coaching, dance in the moment, enhance parent-child relationships, differentiate training and coaching, transition into a new executive role, do a personal brand makeover, and create group coaching programs. CCC COACHING PERSPECTIVES

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  • Doing Good by Cathy Liska
  • A Positive Start by Laura Masters
  • Voice Lessons by Marie Guilloto Stuppard
  • The Path to Purpose by Kali Alexia
  • Creating and Implementing a Dream by Roxanne Ostlund
  • The Six Cs of Transformational Coaching by Jane McCarthy
  • Dancing in the Moment by Alisa Atkinson McDonald
  • Enhance Parent-Child Relationships by Vonetta Wade
  • Training Ain’t Coaching by Alan Elmore
  • Transitioning as a New Executive by Nic Kelpe
  • Personal Brand Makeover by Delby P. Bragais
  • The Power of Group Coaching by Naomi Clark-Turner

The Good:

The expertise in each area is fabulous.  The specific insights, tips, and usable ideas are an immediate value-add for each of us in our own lives and in coaching engagements.

The Bad:

Because it is a collection of individual reads, it lacks transitions from one chapter to the next.


If you enjoy separate quick reads and want to further upgrade your knowledge, this is a great book!

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