VAK Poem to Make Learning and Using it Easy

VAK Poem to Make Learning and Using it Easy

Center for Coaching Certification VAK Poem to Make Learning and Using it Easy

The learning styles are called VAK,
that is how it is abbreviated anyway.

Short for three types of NLP,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming if you please.

V is visual with the eyes,
A is auditory, ears get the prize,
K is kinesthetic, feeling the feels,
also a bit of doing appeals.

If visual, you like what you see,
and learn from seeing most easily.

Auditory people love to hear,
they take in things through their ears.

Kinesthetics want an experiential feel,
thus hands on to them has real appeal.

We all learn all three ways,
these learning styles through our days.

The order changes for each of us,
different learning for different stuff.

KAV one, two, three,
experiential, then hear, and see.

I like to do and I’m hands-on,
What does that make me, you might ask?

Kinesthetic yes, it is true,
I like to share feelings about what I do.

What it looks like is what a visual describes,
the images that pass before their eyes.

Listen closely and listen clear,
for auditory people describe what they hear.

Now you all know how to recognize,
the learning styles you can memorize.

Practice makes perfect so they say,
so practice identifying VAK every day.

Learning so the coach grows steadily,
and thus the client discovers more readily.

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