Science of Coaching Conference Highlights

Science of Coaching Conference Highlights

Science of Coaching Conference HighlightsLast week I had the privilege of participating in the International Coach Federation’s Advance conference, the Science of Coaching.  The experience was wonderful.  The research presented and discussed was excellent.  The confirmation of the power of coaching with the science to back it up was exciting, affirming, and profound.  This week the blogs are dedicated to sharing some of the insights gleaned with the sincere hope you will visit to learn more.

One quote that was shared at the conference provides an over-arching awareness:

“Coaching is a way of creating self-directed neuroplasticity” ~Jeffrey Schwartz, neuroscientist

Howard Ross, the conference Provocateur, spoke on Unconscious Bias.  In setting up his topic, he shared the example of the McGurk effect (watch this video:  The message?  We think we are seeing the world the way it is… and… well, you saw the video!  So the learning from this insight for us in the conference and that applies to us as coaches is, “Listen as exploration rather than truth.  Listen with compassion.  Listen for connection.  Listen with commitment.  Listen to your own reactions.  Listen for your own breakthrough.”  He also shared some research including, “When we think we are “being fixed” it triggers the same reaction in the brain as pain.”  Application from his talk includes recognizing we all have bias, accept this, and then engage with others from a new place of awareness.

Ed.D. in Higher and Adult Education and MCC Francine Campone talked about coaching research and shared several notable points:

  • “External executive coaching can have a significant impact on leadership performance.”
  • “Coaching supports client autonomy and satisfaction.”
  • “Best predictor of success: goal focused relationship”

When Francine spoke, the awareness that there is science behind how we coach and the impact of coaching created a level of enthusiasm and profound connection with the value coaching.

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