Doing Good

Cathy Liska

by Cathy Liska Cathy Liska

So much change.  So many challenges.  So much opportunity.  What do we want now?  An ideal is for everyone to be seen and treated as a human being with respect, dignity, and integrity.  How do we get there?

Coaching is an amazing profession and service that has a positive, lasting impact on coaches, clients, organizations, families, and society.  It is essential that we ensure coaching and coach training services are diverse, inclusive, and accessible.  Both the International Coaching Federation and Association of Coach Training Organizations are committed to diversity.  Each coach, coaching firm, and coach training program must also be committed.  As a profession, we are uniquely positioned to make a difference.  Systemic equity is the right thing, so let us work together for change.

Doing good starts with each coach.

  1. Learn about diversity, inclusion, regard, cultural awareness, and access through reading, research, and workshops.
  2. Self-assess and strategize by defining where you are now, where you want to be, and how you will get there.
  3. Engage in a self-reflective practice that includes building your knowledge and awareness.
  4. Communicate openness with images and language on your website, social media sites, in emails, and in conversations.
  5. Expand access to coaching through creative efforts.

The chapter “Doing Good” in Coaching Perspectives X explores each of these five areas and how individually we can contribute to the greater good by embracing Code of Ethics point 28 and doing good.


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