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Create a Marketing Plan

Often new coaches hesitate at the term ‘marketing’ and/or shy away from the idea of ‘selling’.  Shift the thinking – instead of marketing it is …

Coaching Methodology

Coaching Methodology

Each coach develops their own unique style and approach.  In the chapter from the 2017 Coaching Perspectives VII book on Coaching Models and Processes, I …

Delby P. Bragais

Personal Brand Makeover

by Delby P. Bragais www.reinventu.net Does expertise ensure a steady stream of coaching clients? Is passion enough to magnetize potential clients? How does one get …

Alisa Atkinson McDonald

Dancing in the Moment

by Alisa Atkinson McDonald www.renewyourperspective.com Dance Like No One Is Looking… As a young child I remember freely dancing with my family and friends to …

Cathy Liska

Doing Good

by Cathy Liska Cathy@CoachCert.com So much change.  So many challenges.  So much opportunity.  What do we want now?  An ideal is for everyone to be seen …